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How to videos

Want to learn how to master the Cloudstudio web interface like a boss, watch our videos to find out how.

Cloudstudio Overview (2:15)

Discover the powerful features of Cloudstudio in this brief overview of this magical web based tool.

Creating a new custom message on-hold production (6:07)

Follow with us step by step as we show you how to create a professional custom message on-hold production for your business with a few mouse clicks.  Dive into the rich feature set that gives you the power to create studio quality custom message on-hold productions in minutes.

How to update an existing custom message on-hold production (:49)

Learn how to update or modify your existing custom on-hold production with new music or messages.

Downloading your custom production (1:24)

Learn how to download your custom message on-hold production for use on an existing music on-hold player.

How to purchase additional voice read credits (:40)

Learn how to purchase additional professional voice read credits.

How to upload existing music or message files (:58)

Learn how to upload your own music or message files into the Cloudstudio interface.

Creating custom messages for a Hosted PBX or IP PBX systems (:50)

Learn how to create and download files for Cloud based hosted PBX or stand alone IP PBX system.

How to record your own custom voice messages (:55)

Learn how to record you own custom messages using our builtin voice recorder.

How to order professional custom on-hold messages (3:31)

Cloudstudio offers you an easy and affordable way to create custom on-hold message scripts and submit them to our team of professional voice actors, for use in your custom on-hold message productions

Adding background music to your custom auto attendant voice prompts (1:42)

Add a background music track to your telephone systems auto attendant voice prompt is simple and easy and will give you prompts an extra professional sound. Watch this video to find out how.

Ordering professionally voice prompts for you phone system (3:06)

Cloudstudio makes ordering professionally produced auto attendant voice prompts for your phone system easy and affordable. Watch this video to find out how.