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Take custom voice prompts & greetings to the next level!

Use our professional voice actors or read your own phone system voice prompts and greetings with our built-in voice recorder, all from the Cloudstudio web portal. From here you can easily store, organize and export your custom voice prompts & greetings in the correct audio file type for your particular phone system. You can also add specially selected music backgrounds to your prompts and greetings to really make them pop!



The first thing callers hear is your phone systems’ greeting. A clear and concise greeting conveys your company's professionalism and allows your customer to navigate to the right place. Let us help you make your first impression great!

Voice Prompts

Route calls with with efficiently and clarity with professionally voiced prompts. Prompt callers to collect and be ready with necessary information that they need before their call is transferred so they can be assisted quickly and efficiently.


Save your callers time and frustration by providing them with important basic information right up front!  Highlight business hours, special events and promotions to give customers important information and updates that they need to know.

Industry Samples

choose an industry example and then press the play buttons to hear samples

Prompt & greetings features

Pro Voice Actors

Access to a team of professional voice actors to read your custom messaging for greetings & voice prompts

Voice Recorder

Instantly record your own custom messages on-hold, greetings and voice prompts with our built-in voice recorder

Central Control

Manage and store all your on-hold message productions, phone voice prompts and greetings in one central place

Music Mix

Easily add music backgrounds to your greetings or voice prompts to give your business a new level of professionalism

Simple Export

Export your custom made audio in the format used by virtaully any phone system or hosted phone service