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support for all phone systems and devices

Affordable access, flexible voice pricing

When you subscribe to Cloudstudio, you get full access to our amazing web managed platform for only $79.95 per year, and we’ll never push you into a contract for voice services you might not need or use. Just buy professional voice read credits when needed...since they never expire, they are always available when you want to use them.

Your initial subscription includes a $50 discount towards any professional voice read credit bundle below. Your custom voiced messages will remain in your content library and you can use them with any production, as often as you wish. Try Cloudstudio free now and upgrade to a full subscription at any time.

Professional voice read credit bundles

Buy your professional voice read credits in bulk and save big – voice read credits never expire as long as your subscription is active.  Each professional voice read credit is good for one professional voice read of up to 130 words (approximately one minute in length). You can use your voice read credits to order professionally voiced custom on-hold messages, phone system greetings and voice prompts.


Cloudstudio platform features

Pro Voice Actors

Access to a team of professional voice actors to read your custom on-hold messages, greetings & voice prompts

Voice Recorder

Instantly record your own custom messages on-hold, greetings and voice prompts with our built-in voice recorder

Central Control

Manage and store all your on-hold message productions, phone voice prompts and greetings in one central place

Music Mix

Choose from hundreds of music tracks to easily add music to on-hold productions, greetings or voice prompts

Simple Export

Export your custom made audio in the format used by virtaully any phone system or hosted phone service


Industry Samples

choose an industry example and then press the play buttons to hear samples