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Forget the studio, we moved it to the cloud and you're in control!

Cloudstudio allows you to manage, create and organize all your message on-hold productions, simply and easily and all from one place. Use our professional voice actors or record your own.  With Cloudstudio you’re in complete control, whether you want to update messages, music or create an entire new production — we make it simple. Need a quick change or addition? No problem, just edit and save. Your subscription includes unlimited changes, so update as often as you unnecessary studio charges.


Message On-Hold enhances your caller's experience!


Many callers only need basic information about a business, such as business hours, office locations, or fax numbers but like to hear more about the business in lieu of just music. Informational messaging validates your business.


Feature limited-time offers and seasonal promotions that will benefit your callers and keep them engaged with your business. Keep customers up to date with special events, news, sales and limited time promotions.


Save your callers time and hassle by providing them with important basic information right up front! Help them round up the materials they need to have, so their caller experience can be processed efficiently and expeditiously.

Creating custom message on-hold -- as simple as 1- 2 -3

Select your music

Choose from hundreds of background music tracks in virtually every music format imaginable or even upload your own music tracks.

Select your messages

Choose from a wide variety of pre-voiced messages for virtually any industry, use the built-in voice recorder to record your own message, or use our scripting tools to order custom messages read by our professional voice actors.

Export your finished audio file

Our export feature allows you to choose the right audio file type for your particular phone system or music on-hold playback device.


Industry Samples

choose an industry example and then press the play buttons to hear samples

Cloudstudio message on-hold features

Mix your own on-hold messages
like a professional in minutes

Hundreds of licensed music backgrounds in virtually every musical genre to mix with your on-hold production or greetings

Hundreds of pre-voiced messages
for virtually any industry

Custom scriptwriter allows you to create messages from scratch or customize from thousands of templates

Access to our team of professional, enterprise level voice actors to read your custom messages

Create voice prompts & greetings for your phone system, then submit them to be read by professional voice actors

Integrated voice recorder allows you to record message updates at any time in your own voice

Export to any audio format from regular music on-hold players to the most advanced hosted VOIP services.